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Elawin Lingerie: About Us

In 1991, our company started its business in the textile industry in Istanbul / Turkey. Our product range changed over the years to fantasy erotic product group. We produce all kinds of ladies and men’s lingerie. We are working hard to achieve in this industry high-quality results. The results we have until today shows our commitment that we are going forward in a right way.


The principle of our company is to satisfy our customers with superior product quality along reasonable pricing. We develop in line with our skills and capacities erotic, fantasy products. We are able to follow developments and innovations in the world. Every day, we go and reach out to our customers and their wishes as we want to understand our potential. This efficiency process is valued by our customers. As we keep the continuing market developments in mind, we see our position as a player on the international world stage. We have grown by understanding our distinct advantages. We identify trends and as result we satisfy customers and deliver to customers a maximum quality according to minimum prices. We see customers as team members, together working in a continuous way to satisfy wishes.